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Our Disposables are made up of 1gram each. We also have the following products on stock.

At DabWoods, we believe in bringing you the finest cannabis experiences that nature has to offer. Our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart in the ever-evolving world of cannabis culture. Explore a world where craftsmanship meets nature, and every puff takes you on a journey of unparalleled bliss.

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Dabwoods offers a line of premium Cannabis products that has a set a new industry standard of portability and convencience. DabwoodsDisposable  has a collection of full gram disposable vapes and has ganered a cult-like Follwing since it’s launch.




Made up of Eighteen strains, all packed with poteant flavors, including some. fan favourite and award winning vape. Some of the flavors include; Mothers milk, Guavalato, Blue Dream, Sunset Tsunami, Girls Scout Cookies, Train Wreck, Pineapple Kush, Banana OG, Strawnana, Watermelon Z, SFV OG, Magic Melons, King Louis, Biscotti, Sour Diesel, Georgia Peach, Blue Raspberry Slushie.


The loud livre resin vape, Produced from freshly frozen cannabis plants that preserves the organic terpine profile. Flavors include: Blue Banana, Sunshine Haze, Island Sorbet, Sour OG, Green Valvet.

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Dabwoods x runtz, Six exotic flavors at the moment, with solventless rosin and live resin options, curate from the collaborative efforts of Dabwoods and Runtz. Flavors include; Raspberry Lime, Mango Lychee, Runtz, Yuzu Souffle, White Runtz, Yellow Watermelon,


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