Dabwoods DAB POD 1G BISCOTTI – Experience the refined flavor profile of our Biscotti blend, now available in a convenient 1g DAB POD. Meticulously crafted to deliver a premium vaping experience, this blend captures the perfect balance of potency and the delightful combination of sweet and nutty notes. Elevate your senses with Dabwoods and indulge in the smooth and flavorful escape provided by the DAB POD. Biscotti takes center stage, offering an exquisite journey into the heart of sophisticated cannabis enjoyment with every puff.



63 / 100

Bad Pod 1G  Biscotti is a Strain that has earned it’s name from it’s sweet and sugary taste reminds you of fresh baked cookies.
Its aroma gives off gassy diesel notes that have a slight spice to it. This strain is known to have calming effects that may leave you ready for a good night’s sleep.


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13 reviews for BAD POD 1G BISCOTTI

  1. George Anderson

    I had a minor issue with my order but I loved how professionally it was handled. With their smooth customer care. Dabwoods really values its customers. The vaping experience is a delightful and satisfying experience with a must try for those new to the scene.

  2. Stephen

    The refreshing taste and cool undertones makes it a perfect companion for sunny days. Your stuffs are always excellent Dabwoods

  3. Emily Novia

    I’ve always loved fruity flavors and this is a must-try for anyone with similar love. It’s fun, vibrant and classic. Such a sweet treat!

  4. Mark yedlin

    Amazing! Truly Amazing!! A unique flavor combination. No irritations on the throat as well since it is gentle and smooth.Sweet aroma

  5. Mathew Anthony

    It’s a nostalgic, enjoyable and impressive experience .

  6. Jason Edward

    Customer service was excellent. The Vape didn’t let me down as well. It is a visually appealing experience.

  7. Steven Andrew

    A testament to dabwood’s creativity in crafting flavors that stand out in the crowded vaping market. It’s perfectly balanced. Your flavors are always the best.

  8. Christopher

    Gentle on the throat, a gentle but luxurious flavor.

  9. David

    This is sweet delight with the flavor subtly sweet as well.

  10. John Micheal

    A clean, refreshing puff after each taste. With no unpleasant taste at the end. I know you will feel same after each puff.

  11. Gary Nicholas

    The biscotti provides an enjoyable and satisfying Vaping experience. And it is compact and portable as well.

  12. Paul Smith

    Delivery was right on time, I was shocked as hell! Package was even more aromatic than it looked. You are my new plug!

  13. Brian Kendricks

    Eye catching packaging! Impeccable tartnes. An art of sweetness.

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