Dabwoods Disposable full gram vape – Mother’s Milk

Dabwoods Disposable full gram vape – Mother’s Milk

Dabwoods Disposable full gram vape – Mother’s Milk


Dabwoods Disposable Full Gram Vape – Immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of our Mother’s Milk blend, now available in a convenient and potent disposable vape. Meticulously crafted to capture the essence of creamy indulgence, this premium product offers a perfect balance of flavor and potency. Elevate your vaping journey with Dabwoods Disposable Full Gram Vape in Mother’s Milk – a journey into the heart of rich, velvety satisfaction. Each puff is a tribute to the nurturing comfort and premium cannabis craftsmanship that defines Mother’s Milk.



60 / 100

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The origin of Mother’s Milk is largely unknown. Online sources believe its lineage can be traced back to a Nepali OG female that was crossed with a male strain of Appalachia. Named for the nutritional milk mothers provide their babies, this Sativa-dominant hybrid smells of powdered milk and earthy terpenes.

8 reviews for Dabwoods Disposable full gram vape – Mother’s Milk

  1. Michelle Oliver

    My package touched down even before I noticed. Thanks Dadwoods

  2. Celine Jane

    Will always tell the world about you, no need for buying expensive things with no satisfaction. When you can have quality an affordable price from dabwoods.

  3. Abraham Graham

    Not too heavy and easy to carry around. The satisfying experience can be enjoyed everywhere.

  4. Jules Oliver

    Can be carried everywhere and yet enjoy the same effect of relaxation and calmness! It’s a perfect mix, a perfect blend .

  5. James Brown

    Just as its name implies, the amazing scent and satisfying nature of this product is heartfelt. Hitting you up again for same next week

  6. John Richard

    Dabwoods always ready to meet my needs😮‍💨. The best like always

  7. Walter Anger

    It’s quality is so satisfying. I will obviously come back for more.

  8. Curtis Jones

    That right there is long lasting enjoyment. I always make sure I never run out of it. Love it’s unique and relaxing effect.

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